Tzar nicholas ii downfall of

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Nicholas II (1868-1918)

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Nicholas II

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A Short Caucasian Bibliography

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Nicholas II of Russia

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Tsar Nicholas II was an extremely weak leader who inherited an extremely volatile empire. His cousin (and brother-in-law) Sandro has stated that the premature death of Alexander III (Nicholas’s father) brought the inevitable revolution forward by 25 years.

Nicholas II, Russian in full Nikolay Aleksandrovich, (born May 6 [May 18, New Style],Tsarskoye Selo [now Pushkin], near St.

Petersburg, Russia—died July 17,Yekaterinburg), the last Russian emperor (–), who, with his wife, Alexandra, and their children, was killed by the Bolsheviks after the October Revolution.

A Short Caucasian Bibliography. viz.

Nicholas II of Russia

a comprehensive, illustrated & regularly updated. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WORKS. relating to the. wider Caucasus region — Its history, its peoples.

Tzar nicholas ii downfall of
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