Malolos republic

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Philippine National Heroes (Complete List)

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The Philippine Revolutionary Government. The Malolos Congress. Emilio Aguinaldo issued a decree on July 18, asking for the election of delegates to the revolutionary congress, another decree was promulgated five days later, which declared that Aguinaldo would appoint representatives of congress because holding elections is not practical at that time.

On the sunny morning of January 23,the First Philippine Republic, popularly known as the Malolos Republic, was inaugurated amidst colorful ceremonies at.

The Malolos Republic A date that forever will be in the history books of the Philippines and the world when the country became the first republic in Asia. After gaining independence less than a year ago, a constitution was drafted, ratified and put in to effect quickly. Full text of the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines.

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Malolos Constitution

Japanese Occupation of the Philippines. During Word War II. On December 8,Japan invaded the Philippines. Clark Air Base in Pampanga was first attacked and also Nichols Field outside Manila was attacked, then on December 22, The Japanese forces landed.

On March 31 Malolos, seat of the Philippine Republic, fell into enemy hands, followed on April 26 by Calumpit, where the Filipino forces led by over-all commander Gen. Luna were also routed. On May 9, the Central government moved to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, only four days after Congress convened at neighboring San Isidro town.

Malolos republic
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