Inclusive agribusiness presentation

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Unpacking inclusive agribusiness and sustainable food systems

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Presentation: Sustainable Black Pepper Supply Chain. Slides from a presentation at the Inclusive Agribusiness Southeast Asia Roundtable on September in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This course introduces students to the application of microeconomic principles using basic Excel spreadsheets.

Examples and assignments will be from and related to the agribusiness industry. With our NAB Rewards program you can redeem your rewards points for a wide range of products, travel, technology and experiences.

Heifer International Nepal is seeking technical proposal from organizations having extensive worked experiences in the areas of capacity building of women cooperatives.

Aminata Bamba, Head of Sustainability, ECOOKIM – Côte d’Ivoire How important is the farm gate cocoa price for a living income and what can be done to improve it? Speakers: Dr Annemarie Matthess, GIZ Eric Ranaivosoa, Groupement des Acteurs du Cacao de Madagascar Carla Veldhuizen, Fairtrade.

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Inclusive agribusiness presentation
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