Fictitious business description

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How to Register a Business Name in Mississippi

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Butte County

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Prizes Owner must write corporate officer if necessary; manager or outline if limited liability vice; general partner if partnership; trustee if necessary. Fictitious Business Description HR Technology Case Scenario: Introduction Human Resource management teams work with the performance of activities such as bookkeeping, upholding policies and guidelines, employee performances, and ensuring labor laws are Fictitious Business Name Filing: Is your principal place of business in Alameda County?

Yes; No - You must file your Fictitious Business Name in the county where your principal place of business is located.

Citizen Self Service

Please visit the website of the county where your business is Small Business Incentives/Doing Business with Los Angeles County Learn more about the available opportunities for small businesses looking to sell goods or services to the County, the State, and the Federal Government by visiting the Office of Small Business.

Fictitious Business Case Scenario: Fictitious Business Description Castle’s Family Restaurant has eight restaurants in the northern California area with approximately employees.

Most of the employees are part-time with approximately 40% of them  · business, must file a Partnership Fictitious Name Certificate with the Secretary of State.

A fictitious name is a name other than the professional limited liability partnership name. The registration of the Partnership Fictitious Name / For example, a business might be incorporated as "XYZ Holdings" and do business under the trade name "Alphabet Productions, Inc." A trade name may be registered with the county where the business is located, as a "fictitious name" or d/b/a (doing business as)

Fictitious business description
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