Causes of moral decadence

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What Are Some of the Causes of Moral Decadence Among the Youth?

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In people it. 1 i title page causes and effects of moral decadence in igboland: socio- political, economic and religious perspectives.

What Are the Causes of Moral Decadence?

by iherue, sunday onyema. DECADENCE IN NIGERIA It is of no doubt that moral decadence has completely replaced core moral values in present times. This ravaging phenomenon is the cause of some of the major problems Nigeria is facing as a Nation.

Causes of moral decadence among the youth can be categorized into social, economic, cognitive and technological factors. Social causes include peer influence and unstable home environments, while economic factors include poverty.

Technological innovations, such as media and the Internet, expose. 1 A Critical Analysis of Causes of Moral Decadence in Contemporary Nigerian Christianity By Uwaegbute Kingsley Ikechukwu Uwaegbute Kingsley Ikechukwu holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (First Class Honours) in Religious Studies in Department of Religion and Cultural Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka and is currently on the verge of completing his Master of Arts Degree in New Testament.

What is morality?

While there are no objectively verifiable causes of moral decadence, there are a few plausible explanations. Conservative commentators assert that moral decadence is a result of parental abandonment in the age of modern technology.

Opinion:What causes moral decadence in our communities? Causes of moral decadence
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