Business travel booking market trends

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Travel Agents and Agencies

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For travel originating in the Literary States and flying to Asia, terms average 10 percent over the other more of the week. Interested in more stories like this? Subscribe to Skift's New Luxury Newsletter to stay up-to-date on the business of modern luxury travel.

Incentive travel is booming. According to the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) study, " Trends in Incentive Travel, Rewards, and Recognition," budgets are up, lead times are growing, and the destinations incentive planners are using are expanding.

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The travel industry is expected to record healthy growth over the period, driven by a steady rise in tourist flows, with Asia Pacific countries predicted to generate especially strong performances.

Travel Research: Travel Trends November Contact Patty David, [email protected], or Vicki Gelfeld, [email protected], for more information.

Travel Industry and Online Travel Global Overview

and booking trips to the same degree that their younger counterparts will. • Millennials and GenXers are more likely than Baby Boomers. INwhen Microsoft was still ahead of the big technology trends, it launched a small brand called Expedia Travel Services.

It hoped to persuade customers to book holidays online.

Business travel booking market trends
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