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Case Study: Air Asia Identify the competitive advantages of Air Asia as a low cost Asia has a number of competitive advantages as a low cost carrier that fall into the following general categories; low cost operations, efficiency of operations, proven business model and management expertise and finally a distinctive corporate culture.

A Comprehensive And Complete Strategic Report On Airasia Marketing Essay. Print Reference this.

Air Asia Strategy

Disclaimer: according to its successful low-cost business strategy model and financial resources. It also does outsourcing in the form of its online web check-in.

AirAsia’s business model is Low Cost Carrier (LCC) that showed as above.

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There are 3 attributes that contribute to LCC business model, which are simple product, positioning, and low operating cost. Simple Product attribute for AirAsia Company is referring to the plane seating that is narrow and with only one class.

AirAsia is one of the fastest growing airline companies in the world, with a reputation as a low-cost, ‘no frills’ airline. It was originally a government owned business; yet, due to heavy debt, it was bought by former Time Warner executive Tony Fernandes inand this is where the real story begins.

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Now nearly a fifth of the region’s airline seats are supplied by low-cost carriers, and the share

Airasia business model essays form
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